Bryden Picture

Bryden Reed is Promote the Youth Scholar Athlete of the Month! Bryden is a two sport athlete and a Junior at Charlotte Christian High School. He plays Defensive End on the Football team and Defense on the Lacrosse team. Bryden is receiving a lot of attention for his play on the gridiron and recently received his first scholarship offer.

For the past 5 years, Bryden has also made a big impact in the community. He has been working to become an Eagle Scout. In 2016, Bryden completed the restoration of the fence at James K Polk Historical Site. Bryden also completed the mandatory hours to become an Eagle Scout. Bryden already has a clear vision for his future as he prepares for his Senior year at Charlotte Christian and beyond. In college, Bryden wants to major in Business and prepare for a career in Sports Marketing or Coaching. Bryden dreams of playing football in college and that dream has never been more of a reality than it is now. His focus and determination is what has separates Bryden from a lot of athletes.

Bryden has accomplished a lot already , but the future is even brighter. We are excited to award him with the Promote the Youth Scholar Athlete of the Month Award. Congratulations Bryden!

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