Our Mission

The purpose of Promote the Youth Foundation is to promote the proper development of promising youth athletes for participation in high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletics. Promote the Youth provides scholarships and grants on behalf of aspiring young athletes to Olympic certified and national training facilities.

Our Vision

Promote the Youth envisions a day when all local athletes can achieve their athletic goals – High School, College, Olympic or Professional – with minimal concern for the financial resources needed to achieve them. It sees athletes who understand the work needed to achieve greatness, the courage to put in the work, the responsibility to give back to the community and the appreciation required for the many, many people who contribute to their success. It hopes to help produce athletes who are balanced in their athletic pursuits, family responsibilities and their community endeavors and who look back at their pursuit of athletic greatness as a time of character building as well.

Our Board

Robert Burton

Financial Advisor

Jim Beatty

Olympic Advisor

Dr. Charles DePaolo

Physician Advisor

Mitch Sprengelmeyer

Legal Advisor

Adam Farber

Special Events Coordinator

Melissa Vriner

S.T.A.R.S. Program Coordinator